Gathering all stakeholders around a live concert in one system

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What we solve

When arranging a live concert there are a lot of stakeholders with each of their own system to keep track of what's to happen.

  • The Agent representing the artist has a system for authoring of contracts.
  • The Booker at the Venue receives the contract by mail or e-mail, and then has to give feedback through the same traditional channels.
  • The Production Manager now has to type in all the same data again in a separate system, and hand out all information through traditional channels to the artists and crew members.
  • The Booker at the Venue has to type in who, what and when everything is going to happen in yet another system.

By typing in the information again and again, the industry as a whole is wasting a lot of valuable time, and the margin of human error and misinformation increase.

The Product

  • Whnue is a single system gathering all stakeholders around a live concert.
  • Multiple applications, build to target the business needs of each stakeholder, are all interfacing with Whnue.
  • All relevant data can thereby flow freely amongst stakeholders – allowing them to stand on the shoulders of each other, obsoleting yesterday's practice of redundant data entry.
All stakeholders share the same calendar - helping them to organize and communicate.
  • The Agent gains access to a booking calendar in which he can enter shows and create contracts or reserve dates for the artists represented by the Agent.
  • The Booker at the Venue gets an overview off all contracts sent to him/her, from where he/she can give feedback to the Agent, and together they can finalise the contract from there.
  • When a contract is settled, the Production Manager can arrange all practical information regarding the day of the concert in a timeline, and regarding all concerts belonging to the same tour.
  • The Venue gains access to a similar view, where the same data is present. In this way, both the Venue and the Production Manager can add details to the timeline, and comment on each others entries.
  • When the concert is beginning to take shape, the artist(s) and crew members will gain access to the information by synchronising their personal calendar to Whnue, or through the dedicated smartphone app.

Key Values of Whnue

  1. Security and Privacy
  2. Performance
  3. User friendliness
  4. Slick user interface

The Founders

Jóhannes Kristjánsson

Jóhannes Kristjánsson

Customer relations
& system designer

Mikkel Wied Frederiksen

Mikkel Wied Frederiksen

Frontend developer
& architect

Mikkel Munch Mortensen

Mikkel Munch Mortensen

Backend developer
& architect


These agencies are closely linked to the development of Whnue. They provide feedback and insight into the industry's many facets.

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